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Hi! I’m David Martin, an experienced driving instructor, based in Kelsale near Saxmundham, and have taught across the North Suffolk area for over 20 years. My lessons are friendly, patient, and individually planned with flexible pick-up points and a wide choice of times. I operate a franchise with the AA Driving School, so you’ll get the friendliness and personal care expected of a local instructor along with the support, services and backup of a respected national organistation. Lesson coverage across the Northern and Coastal areas of Suffolk including Saxmundham, Leiston, Framlingham, Aldeburgh and their surroundings. CALL ME ON 07761 204 500                                       EMAIL info@suffolklearner.co.uk
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DRIVER TRAINING david martin “Learning to drive with David was not just incredibly informative,but also was such fun! I was able to talk to David freely all through my lessons and felt happy to ask any question that I felt necessary. I have recommended David to many of my friends and they all felt the same way. It was a joy learning to drive with him!”          (Quote from customer service survey) Driving School car near Kelsale